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Summer and Winter 2013-2016 Camps


(above) Kalamazoo winter camp younger and older group- 2015/16


 (above) Garcia's Futsal Academy U14 girls team 2015/16 West MI Futsal League Finalist


(above) Garcia's Futsal Academy Kalamazoo campers - 2016 West MI Futsal tournament Champions -

(above) U13/14 girls Champions, U13 boys Finalist



(above) Garcia's Futsal Academy teams playing in the West MI futsal league in Grand Rapids 2014-2015 


Summer Camps @ Ginga Court - 2014

Kalamazoo U10-12 group (above) and U14-17 group (below) - 2013


MVP - Grand Rapids U11-12 Group - 2013


Summer Camp - 2013


Winter 2013-14 Camp



Having some fun with Coach Ruben


Happy Campers!

(pictured below) 3 of our Garcia's Futsal Academy campers Ariana Garcia, Hailey DeHaan, and Ashley Ward at the USYF Regional Futsal Tournament - 2014 OH